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Perfect Fishing in Miami

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Mahi-Mahi fishing in Miami

If you are planning to visit Miami, catching Mahi or Dolphin can render one of the most pleasing experience to you. Nothing is as nerve-wracking and exciting as watching the wide numbers of the dolphin taking a swirl around the boat and consuming each bait, pinching into the water. Dolphin Fishing in Miami has earned a high reputation, typically during the summer months as they count to be the best time for setting targets on this pelagic predator. However, you can go for fishing them across the year.

When it comes to fishing dolphin, live bait is considered to be the most superior options. However, people carry frozen baits on an extensive scale as they are more practical and involve a huge cut off from the pocket. Light tackle reels and Penn spinning rods are also used in order to make the fight more interesting.

Types of Mahi-Mahi in Miami

A wide array of species of dolphins are present in the water bodies of Florida which attract visitors and residents in the area. The abundance of food and warm water has made the place an ideal destination for these species. You can recognize the common ones via the counter shaded coloring as well as shorter break. Of the other species found in the area, the bottlenose dolphins are worth mentioning ones. They possess blue-gray coloring in addition to lighter shading present along the belly and flanks. You can also find the Atlantic spotted dolphin in tropical and sub-tropical water that range from Florida coast to the Indian ocean. The stouter beak and darker coloring aid in the identification of the species.

Mahi-Mahi Season in Miami

You can opt for trolling and kite fishing for catching Mahi in Miami beach. Dead squid, live pilchards, chunked bonito, ballyhoo are great options to catch prey. Live ballyhoo is, however, the best bait when it comes to fishing Dolphins near the coasts of Miami. Dropping off into the gulf stream, or a little farther is the best option for catching the prey. They swim closer to the surface in general. They move very quickly and hence you should be keeping the boat moving at a great speed.

You can catch them heavily during the months of April to the months of August. You can, however, catch them throughout the year. They reach impressive and larger size during the months of winter.

They are very delicious and hence people love fishing them for a relishing dinner.

Miami Fishing Charters for Mahi-Mahi

There is a wide array of Miami fishing charter which has gained high recognition for offering exciting and excellent fishing opportunities. You are sure to get excited by the amazing charter packages, offered by them. With the aid of these packages, you will be successful in catching mahi-mahi at the least cut off from your pocket.

There is no doubt in the fact that Mahi-mahi happens to be the most entertaining fish you can catch in Miami. As they are sustainable, you do not need to feel guilty if you want to catch them in larger quantities. If you are ready to go for dolphin fishing, it is recommended to book a full day charter.

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