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In Miami, many individuals spend their leisure time by engaging in snook fishing these days. There are quite a few reasons why snook fishing has become so popular at present and the excitement plus fun provided by this activity happen to be one of them. You will come across different types of snooks in large numbers off the Miami Coast which should give you a very tough time once they are caught by not giving up easily. In fact, their bodies are perfectly designed so that they can catch different types of fish and also put up a brutal fight after you’ve trapped them. You can make use of live bait, dead bait as well as artificial lures in order to be successful with snook fishing in Miami.


In Miami, you will come across mainly 5 species of snook namely, Small-scale fat snook, Large-scale fat snook, Common snook, Tarpon snook, and Swordspine snook.
1. Common Snook
The types of snook have got a rather slim body while its dorsal fins are divided as well as high and the anal spines are relatively short. It features a large mouth with a slanting forehead along with a protruding jaw. These types of fish can grow to enormous sizes once they mature.
2. Tarpon Snook
This snook species’ body is quite thin similar to a tarpon. However, it’s upturned jaw and long head deserves special mention. Also, their eyes are comparatively larger as compared to those of the other species. They mainly feed at nighttime and are not that big in size as compared to the other types of snooks out there.
3. Fat Snook
This particular species is simply plain fat which really justifies its name. In fact, they happen to be the second biggest of all the species mentioned here and resemble a soccer ball in many respects.
4. Swordspine Snook
This type of snook is the smallest amongst all the different species and rarely exceed even 1 pound. Also, they are quite rare and an angler would really feel proud of catching them considering their significantly lesser numbers. Their name is derived from the big spike present on their anal fin. In most cases, the swordspine snook isn’t caught in the open water since they prefer docks or mangroves.


In case you are looking to indulge yourself in snook fishing in Miami, the ideal season will be from the first week of September to the last week of November. During the off-season, the number of these fishes dwindle significantly forcing some fishermen to look for other animals and fish instead. Fortunately, the snook season is controlled stringently in Miami which allows the fish populace to stay at higher levels all through the open season.


Your snook fishing experience in Miami is going to be a memorable one irrespective of whether you happen to be a tourist or a local resident. In fact, Miami is rightly referred to as the sport-fishing capital on the planet. It is possible to target every type of fish that you can imagine thanks to the year-round fishing seasons in Miami and this really attracts fishermen across the globe to enjoy a trip to this location and book a reliable Miami fishing charter. A full-day Miami fishing charter will allow you to experience snook fishing along with live baits and the same can also be said of a half-day Miami fishing charter as well. You will be provided with goggle eyes, pilchards to pinfish, ballyhoo and much more live baits thus enhancing the possibilities of catching a large-sized snook as a reward at the end of the day.

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